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Frequently Asked Questions.


All ArtNights will take place online through Zoom until further notice.

 What is ArtNight? 

ArtNight is an organization that hosts an event called ‘ArtNight’ two times per month.


ArtNight is an event where people sign up to share what they love. In addition to several people sharing, there is a welcome activity so people can meet, as well as a facilitated discussion about a contemporary social theme. ArtNight is about making friends, doing what we love, and learning. The in-person events are alcohol-free, and accompanied by food.  

In addition, the ArtNight organization has a podcast, a newsletter, and a choir, and we facilitate ArtNights for organizations, camps, and businesses. We also tour and do ArtNights around the country.


 When does ArtNight happen? 

There are two regularly occurring ArtNights: 

- First Friday of Every Month (FFEM)

- Mid-Month

 How old are the people who go? 

We facilitate ArtNights for people of all ages. From high schoolers to 80-year-olds. The recurring First Friday of Every Month (FFEM) ArtNight tends to be people in theirs 20s, but anyone is welcome. 

 I’m interested in sharing, but I don’t know what I would share… 

It can feel overwhelming, but the only criteria is that you love what you’re doing. There is no need to do something that is virtuosic or showcases ‘talent.’ This is not a performance; all you have to do is do what you love. What are your favorite places to walk in your home town? What are the best haircuts you’ve ever gotten? What’s a song no one has ever heard you sing? 

Contact us at, and we will brainstorm with you to come up with something!

 How much time will I have to share? 

At the FFEM there are four 15 minute slots, whereas the Mid-Month there are fifteen 5 minute slots. The Mid-Month is great if it’s your first time sharing, as there are more sharers, and for some this alleviates any pressure.


 ...But I’m not good at anything… 

ArtNight is not a talent show. All that matters is that you love what you’re doing. 

 I want to attend ArtNight! 

Fill out an RSVP form!


 I want to share at ArtNight! 

Fill out an RSVP form!

 Is this free to attend? 

Online is free. For in-person events there are tickets available for purchase 


 I don’t know if I can fill up the whole 15 minutes... 

You don’t have to! Many people take questions at the end of their sharing if there is time left. 


 Do I have to share in order to attend? 

No! Like an open mic, there are a limited number of slots for sharing. So most people just come to watch and support. 


 I’m not comfortable being on screen... 

Because of the interactive nature of the ArtNight, with its discussion and activity, it’s not a great event for sitting in the back and watching.


 Can I invite friends? 

Of course! Please have them RSVP too.


 How is ArtNight different than a talent show? 

It’s a similar concept - everyone shares, anyone who wants can be part of it, it’s a celebration of the variety of interests of the particular community, and there are a variety of activities welcome. Where it differs is that at the ArtNight, there is no difference between the ‘audience’ and the ‘performer.’ Everyone shares at the ArtNight, whether it’s during the discussion, or the activity. It’s hard to be a fly on the wall.


In addition, there is no emphasis on ‘talent’ at the ArtNight. What’s celebrated is the love that people have for what they’re doing. This is why in a talent show, you may not get someone talking about soccer strategy, or their favorite fashion, or the story of them running for Congress. 


 How is ArtNight different than an open mic? 

ArtNight is also similar to an open mic. Anyone is welcome to share, gets the same amount of time to share, and has an opportunity to connect with an audience. What’s different is that at the ArtNight there is an active emphasis on making friends. You can share ANYTHING you’re passionate about, not just music, and there’s also an activity and a discussion. There is an emphasis on learning, inquisitiveness, and interaction. 

 I can’t get to this location, because I don’t have a car and it’s not near a train station.

Email, and we’ll arrange for a carpool with one of the other people going! 

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