Many people come together to make the ArtNight possible. The FFEM ArtNight is led by a team of ambassadors who take care of everything from invitations to finding a host and making sure there's plenty of food. The ambassadors also help with designing our website, making videos, creating surveys, and fundraising.


Jared and Rob lead the ArtNight team, manage the collaborations, apply for grants/funding, and are responsible for the general direction of the ArtNight.  

Jared Hochberg​

Jared founded ArtNight while he was a student in college. Jared handles press inquiries and funding and leads the FFEM. Contact Jared at


Rob Klein

Rob hosted his own ArtNights when he was a student. Since graduating, he co-organizes the ArtNights with Jared and the ambassadors. Rob handles the All-Inclusive, the podcast, and the choir. Contact Rob at

Mayank Mehta

Mayank is the marketing director and graphic designer. He produces the Podcast and designs the various elements of the ArtNight like the website and the All-Inclusive.

Kelsey Pugh

Kelsey began hosting ArtNights with Rob while they were in college. She leads the team of ambassadors in preparing for the FFEM. If you have questions or would like to share, contact Kelsey at

Saheli Sheth

Saheli is the Outreach Coordinator who handles bookings for the ArtNight. If you would like the ArtNight to come to your workspace or organization, reach out to Saheli at 


Amanda S, Maya M, Aitan L

 ArtNight (TM) 2020


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