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Food for thought.

Our mission at ArtNight is to help you find clarity about what you love doing and to support you in learning, exploring, and sharing it.

Think of the things you’ve done not because someone told you to do it, but just because you wanted to do it: Making a necklace, drawing your own Yu-Gi-Oh cards, baking carrot cake, learning a song on guitar, playing long ball at recess…


Some of us have made a career out of it - we’re touring musicians or comedians, scientists and jugglers. Some of us do these outside of work in our free time, and some of us have stopped doing these things entirely.

What we do at ArtNight.

Do what you love

In addition to the newsletter and podcast, we have live events two times a month where you can sign up to share what you love. Like an open mic, you can practice performing. It's like sharing something with a good friend or parent or close teacher, you’ll be received with support/interest/curiosity. Or come and watch other people for fun and so you can get more comfortable.



We curate a wide variety of topics from crop-watering drones, to music, to math, to sports to comedy, with time for questions after each sharer. We engage in dynamic discussions, and in person, we provide sketch pads for note-taking. 


Equality and Confidence

At ArtNight there is no barrier between audience and sharer. Whether you’re a touring musician or singing for the first time, you get the same amount of time to share and we don’t publicize who is sharing in order to get people to come. You also get to have discussions and activities with everyone who shares and see they people like you.

Our Mission.

ArtNight is building a world where people are still encouraging you to do what you love, follow your curiosity, and follow your dreams. 

We create events, publications, podcasts, and anything we can think of to help you find clarity in knowing what you love to do, and to support you learning about and doing that. We want there to be not just one or two people, but a community of people that are telling you YES. Try that, learn that, do that. It’s WORTH it. Go for it. That’s what we are doing with ArtNight.

In 4 years, we’ve had over 400 people share what they love at ArtNight programs. Over 3,000 people have come to 80+ ArtNight  programs. In August we launched the 77 Project which aims to bridge the gaps between Chicago’s deeply segregated 77 Community areas by bringing different neighborhoods together for ArtNight events.

Our Purpose.

  1. Establish spaces where doing what you love is normal.

  2. Help you feel out what matters to you and go for it. 

  3. Promote equality. You don’t need to be famous, talented, attractive, virtuosic or wealthy- it is meaningful and important to do what you love no matter who you are and you should be supported.

  4. Maintain alcohol-free environments where you can meet other young people that center around being yourself and exercising your own voice in discussions. activities and sharing. 

  5. Encourage curiosity and learning.

  6. Be a place where you can have fun without shame or embarrassment.

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