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The first album of Chicago band,

What It Was Like 

Robot Heart Throb

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Write-up by H.P. Lazarus

 "I don't think I've listened to a band that has a genre almost distinct unto themselves. Even crazier is that each song on What It Was Like is almost completely unique...truly impressive", Pacific Ridge Records

  "I’m hard pressed to think of any bands with a similar sonic footprint, making them a truly unique act to witness." ​-Dying Scene, Brian Nielsen

"Robot Heart Throb launches you into a stratosphere of the offbeat and weird with its brash lyrics appealing to the outsider wanting in."- Jose Valle, Founder of Fulton Street Collective


Chicago-based band Robot Heart Throb has released their first album. Within 14 months of forming they’ve already sold out well known Chicago venues like Subterranean and Uncommon Ground, headlined at Schubas and Sleeping Village and had an audience of almost 400 at Chop Shop. In their music, punk, hip-hop, emo and Jazz collide into something never-before-heard.

What It Was Like is a deep dive into reconciling with the past and deciding to move forward and heal.  Themes of self-love, friendship, and breaking free from one’s abusers to embrace the life you never knew you could have for yourself. Topics from break ups, to school, to abusive parents, we can understand the past and move forward.

Robot Heart Throb feels like an emo-pop punk band, but they sound like a Jazz and Hip-Hop band. 

Frontman and songwriter, Jared Hochberg, sings, plays guitar, saxophone and flute in the band. He also performs solo under the name, Robot Heart Throb.

They have a show 12/20/23 headlining at Sleeping Village in Chicago alongside the bands Mars FM and Broken Robots

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